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Welcome to PoolandSpaCentre's hot tub blower shop, we supply the most common hot tub blowers in the UK, the HydroAir, LX, Max Air, CG Air & the Ultra 9000 blowers.

All spa blowers work in the same fundamental way with the spa blower motor drawing air from around the hot tub blower and sending it under pressure to the air injector jets via the air manifold. There are 2 types of hot tub air blower, simply put, either heated (a heated mesh takes the chill off the air) or not (cool air).

The CG Air and LX can be easily replaced with the Ultra 9000 range below. A connection will be required to make the transition to the new air blower, ring us for details on 01902 893 803.

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Hot Tub air blowers pump air into the hot tub water by typically blowing air through holes in the seat or less commonly the floor. These are used less in today's spas because they tend to waste energy by reducing the spa's water temperature. They may even be tied into the jet air opening but they are not typically connected to the circulation system. They have their own pipe that goes directly to the air injectors.

When checking the pump operation blowers can cause confusion as they also cause water movement. Therefore when starting after a cleandown, don't start the blower if possible so you can see the water coming from the jets. They are usually installed with a check valve or a hartford loop which attempts to keep water from tracking back to them. Both these systems fail, and blowers need to be replaced occasionally. If your blower is making loud noises simply replace it, as replacing the motor is rather difficult due to sourcing the exact equivalent and also you usually will destroy the housing removing it.

We supply this hot tub air blowers to UK, Sweden, Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belguim, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, and other parts of europe.

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