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Air Controllers

A hot tub air control is simply a valve, 95% of the time it is located spa topside, the actual control is just a pipe, plumbed to the jets, with a knob that allows you to control the amount of air introduced into the hot tub's jet system. Turning the knob counter-clockwise increases the air, turning clockwise decreases or shuts off the air.

Located on your spa these round knobs allow the water flowing through the jets to suck air into the venturi. If water is coming OUT of the air control, you have some sort of jet blockage, remove your hot tub jet inserts by turning counter clockwise and remove any built up debris. Don't force them, clean your insert and check for broken or missing o-rings (not on all spas). If a round gasket comes out when you remove the jet insert, be sure you put it back (not on all spas). There are numerous jet manufacturers with their own distinct characteristics so please ring us if you need advice.

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