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Maintaining glorious water to enjoy year round is done by the correct water balancing of a number of factors in your spa

Firstly dependant on your water source Total Alkalinity should be checked every time fresh water is added. Having Total Alkalinity in its ideal range will prevent the pH of the water fluctuating, making everything easier to balance.

Next, check the pH of your hot tub water using Hot Tub Test Strips, so it sits within the ideal range, providing good sanitising efficiency. If your pH is high add pH minus to bring the level down and conversely if the pH is low add pH plus to raise the pH.

When refilling your hot tub check the levels of calcium, depending on where you live will dictate your routine in this area, soft water tends to be low in calcium and hard water tends to be higher.

If the level is low use Hardness raiser to bring it up to the correct level. If the level is above this it may lead to the water appearing cloudy. Resulting in calcium being deposited on the tub shell,
heater element, and the pipe-work inside the tub. To reduce this use Anti-Scale to correct the levels.

Balancing correctly minimizes corrosive causing damage to the hot tub equipment. Protecting the hot tub and equipment for years to come

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