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Hot Tub Filter Cleaners

This section provides products that help in cleaning filters such as tablets, instant sprays or liquid cleaners for soaking and cleaning inside the pleats of your hot tub filter (never use a dishwasher, bleach or a power sprayer as these degrade / weaken the fibers in the filter media, decreasing hot tub filter life expectancy).

We also offer all the cleaning devices below to aid a quick and easy filter clean.

Filters should be cleaned every 4 to 6 weeks.

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A dirty, clogged filter will breed bacteria and algae, but will in a short time restrict water flow giving your spa insufficient circulation, this will produce error codes and will eventually labour you hot tub equipment.

Our top tip is to have a spare filter (or set) for your hot tub so that when you clean them, you alternate with your spare set allowing your spa to stay working without stray debris going into the internals causing damage, this allows the first set to be cleaned, stored and be completely dry, killing off bacteria!

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