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Hardness & Scale

When refilling your hot tub it is important to check the levels of calcium. Calcium hardness is the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in spa water. Depending on where you live will dictate your routine in this area, soft water tends to be low in calcium and hard water tends to be higher. Calcium hardness readings can be taken using your test kit or test strips. If the reading is below 175mg/l (ppm) in acrylic spas or 250mg/l (ppm) in tiled spas, the calcium hardness will need to be corrected.

If the level is low use a Spa Hardness raiser to bring it up to the correct level. If the level is above this it may lead to the water appearing cloudy which results in calcium being deposited on the tub shell, heater element, and the pipe-work inside the tub.

To reduce calcium deposits use Anti-Scale to correct the levels. Anti-Scale has been formulated to help prevent the formation of scale on spa surfaces in hard water and facilitate cleaning of vulnerable areas.

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