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Heater Elements

We supply a variety of high quality replacement Hot Tub and Spa heater elements for a huge range of hot tub makes. They range in their wattage and size. We stock elements that fit Balboa, Gecko, Hydroquip, Thermcore, RMF and LX hot tub heaters

The spa heater element consists of special nichrome wire which creates heat as a result of its resistance to the electricity flowing through it. It is surrounded by a powdered ceramic, and encapsulated in a very strong metal sheath.

Spa Heater elements usually fail due to corrosion from improper water chemistry. When a small amount of water penetrates the sheath, the resulting short will normally cause the RCD to trip, shutting down all power to the spa.

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They are known as resistive type heater that heats the water as it flows over the element. Water flow is paramount to proper operation. Without this flow, if the heater came on, it would burn up very quickly and can even damage pipes. Nearly all spa systems in the UK are equipped with various controls to keep this from happening but sometimes these controls can be tricked and get confused (believe it or not).

It is important that you think of your heater when draining your spa. Always turn the temperature all the way down before draining. Do this even as you unplug it or turn breakers off. You don't want the heater to come on when you first restart your spa! Turn only your pump on first to be sure it is primed and working before you start heating your spa.

This is not a good time to have your blower on. You need to see water flowing from your jets before you turn up the temperature.

We are a primary stockist in Europe for the element manufacturer and as such have the highest specification grade available in the market place. We supply spa heater elements to the UK, Sweden, Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belguim, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, and other parts of europe.

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