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Hot Tub Pillows

This make hot tubbing comfortable, here are a few tips for extending their life and to ensure your headrests remain in good condition, the first two tips maybe a bit over the top for general usage however:

1. Ideally remove your headrests when your hot tub is not in use, as this will extend their life.
2. Your headrests need to be rinsed regularly in tap water to remove chemical residue. We advise rinsing after each use, and then storing away from direct sunlight.
3. You MUST ALWAYS remove headrests when you add sanitiser or shock dose treatment. Headrests should be removed for at least 15 minutes, while the spa pumps are run, and the cover should be off. If this is not followed then the headrests are exposed to gas between the water surface and cover which will cause the headrests to delaminate.
4. Make sure your hot tub water is always balanced, as an excessive sanitiser level or high/low PH level will affect the headrests. To ensure your hot tub is always perfectly balanced then test your hot tub water every day.

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