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Pressure Switches

The hot tub pressure switch is a safety device which shuts off the heater circuit if water flow is interrupted.

Closed during normal spa operation, it snaps open if pump fails or an air pocket forms. This prevents the heater from meltdown if there is an equipment failure. Therefore correct setting up of the pressure is essential, as with us all they get more sensitive with age and might need re calibrating to stop FLO errors from occurring.

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You must have flow for the hot tub pressure switch to activate! To check for activation: with power off, disconnect the leads going to the pressure switch. Make sure they aren't touching anything. Power up and turn on low pump. With your meter on ohms, check across the poles of the switch. You should have continuity. If not and you know flow is not the issue, most pressure switches have an adjusting collar that will vary the pressure it takes to activate it. Counter clockwise turns decrease pressure required. Turn the power off before attempting any adjustment! Make all adjustments slowly and try again.

WARNING, if you go too far the pressure switch may activate with the pump off. This is the last thing you want to happen!!! Always check to be sure that the heater goes off when the pump does! If you are certain flow is present, but your pressure switch isn't activating you may want to remove it and be sure no debris is clogging it up.

Pressure switches are in contact with the water, when you remove it water will come out (or should).

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