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Hot Tub Seal Kits

The pump seals separate the wet end from the pump motor, which is the dry end. Bad seals are a common cause of hot tub leaks. The job of the pump seal is to keep water in the "wet end" and out of the pump motor.

It is very important to always change the pump seal assembly anytime the motor is replaced or serviced.

Pump seal failure causes motor damage because water can leak down the shaft of the motor causing corrosion and more, usually pitting the shaft and therefore ruining the whole motor. Always check around pump for leaking which can indicate pump seal failure. Many times the seal can be replaced in time before motor damage. Check as part of your annual Spa MOT.

We Supply mechanical seal kits for all major hot tub and spa pumps including Waterway, HydroAir, and Aqua-Flo.

If you need help replacing the seal view our Hot Tub Seal Replacement guide.

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