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Plumbing / Filtration

Ensure you select the correct size you require by measuring in mm the outside diameter of the pipe you are needing to connect to. Most plumbing for hot tubs will be shown in imperial (inches) however there name does not always represent the actual size of the plumbing fitting. Male socket fittings have the internal diameter measurement of the outside diameter of the appropriate pipe that glues into them.

Clear Vinyl pipe is different again and is named and measured internally and the internal diameters given are the actual measurement.

Asian originated tubs have metric fittings of which adapters, fittings and pipework can be found inside.

Imperial & Metric pipe-works are not interchangeable

View our guide to understanding pipe sizing.

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We supply hot tub spa plumbing to the UK, Sweden, Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belguim, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, and other parts of Europe.

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