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Pond Filters

Pond filter system units are designed to keep your pond water clean and healthy, through three different stages. UV clarifiers are used first to destroy algae, reduce harmful bacteria and provide clear water. Mechanical filtration then traps any debris and waste particles, catching them in the mechanical barriers. Lastly biological filtration takes place to breakdown toxins and ammonia in order to provide optimum water quality that is healthier for fish and plants. Most modern filter systems combine UVC and biological filtration methods within in one unit.

There are different types of filter systems depending on pond sizes and installation options. Gravity/Flow throw filters are ideal for koi and are pump fed and gravity return. They are placed on the edge of the pond and water is pumped through the filter slowly, providing a better level of filtration, then returned back to the pond. Pressured filters are ideal for smaller to medium sized ponds. They are sealed units, filtering water quickly and are directly fed from a pond pump. The main benefit of pressured filters are that they can be hidden.

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