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Certikin Swimming Pool Chemicals & Testers

Certikin Swimming Pool Chemicals & Testers. More Certikin Spares.

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Chlorine is the number one chemical treatment for sanitising a swimming pool. It kills bacteria and algae that get in to your swimming pools water. Chlorine comes in two formats - granular and in tablets. You dose your pool with chlorine granules usually by scattering them on to the surface of the water, chlorine tablets are placed in your skimmer basket where they slowly dissolve over a week.

It is important to know how much you have dosed your swimming pool. Testing Kits come in many types. The simplest type of swimming pool test kit are the Pool Testing Strips. Just swill it around in your pool water and the colour change tells you the levels of chlorine and pH. Comparator test kits involve taking a sample of the water and dropping a DPD tablet and a Phenol Red tablet in to the water. The colour change indicates the chemical levels. Then you can accurately dose your swimming pool chemicals.

Swimming Pool Chemicals Handbook

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