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Swimming Pool Vacuum Heads

Swimming pool cleaning is a must and the simplest form is the manual pool vacuum, consisting of a vacuum head (pick the head that best corresponds to your pool type), a hose and a pole. Hook up your extension pole to your vacuum head. The pole allows you to move the vacuum around the pool bottom.

Before you start, pick out the large debris with a net so as not to clog or damage your pool vacuum

Next, connect one end of the hose to the vacuum head itself. One side of the hose will likely have a swivel head and this is the side that will attach to the head. Lower the vacuum head into the pool along with the hose. Keep the other end of the hose in your hand. Place the other hose end in front of the water intake (where water enters the pool) filling the hose, you should see bubbles. Once the water is flowing into the hose without bubbles, it will sink beneath the surface.

You have now created suction. You can then connect the hose to the skimmer that should be mounted to the side of your pool via the vacuum adapter plate. Your vacuum is now ready for use! Leave large leaves or other debris until you are almost finished so that you dont clog the vacuum.

Once your pool is clean, you can then disconnect the hose from the filter.

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