Hozelock Easyclear Impeller (Pre 09 model) & 9000 (2009+ model)

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These are spare parts for the EasyClear 9000(Product Code:17680000), including EasyClear foam, 13w replacement lamp, EC quartz tube and an impeller spares kit.

The EasyClear foam comes in a single pack. It is a high quality, pre cut, open cell foam sheet suitable for all EasyClear pumps. It is recommended that if your filter uses more than one foam, it is best not to replace all the foams at the same time. Replace 25% of the foams then wait a few days before repeating. Foams should be arranged by order of grade from fine to coarse foam. This replacement process will reduce the risk of killing beneficial bacteria that is essential to maintain a functioning filter for ponds.

2 foams are required for the EasyClear models: 3001/3003/3006/3027/3327.
3 foams are required for the EasyClear models: 3328/3028/3009

The rotor EasyClear 9000 assembly includes: magnet, impellor, spindle, washer and end cap. It also includes modified pump chamber and o-ring. This kit is only compatible with the 9000 model.

The Easyclear 9000 (17680000) can be found here: Hozelock Easyclear Combined Filter & Pump Unit

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