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What is AquaFinesse?

AquaFinesse is an environmentally friendly, natural water treatment system which is not actually a sanitiser, but which does play a vitally important role in the control of bacteria in your hot tub or spa.

With a once weekly dose of AquaFinesse you will be left with crystal clear spa water which is gentle on the skin and safe for the environment, whilst leaving you with more time to enjoy your hot tub rather than maintaining it!

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How does AquaFinesse Work?

Many people are surprised when we tell them that AquaFinesse is not a sanitiser that's why we've created this page which we hope will answer most of the common questions we're asked.

AquaFinesse works by breaking down and preventing the formation of the "houses" that bacteria live in which is called Biofilm.

Around 99% of all bacteria in spas is found in biofilm so by removing the biofilm with the use of AquaFinesse the amount of sanitiser required to maintain safe levels is drastically reduced leaving you with a much more enjoyable bathing experience.

Do I need to use a sanitiser as well as AquaFinesse?

The short answer is Yes!

As we previously said AquaFinesse is not actually a sanitiser, so to ensure the harmful bacteria in the spa is killed AquaFinesse is supplied with chlorine tablets however if you prefer you can use chlorine granules or bromine granules or tablets.

Can I use aromatherapy with AquaFinesse?

Yes you can use aromatherapy crystals with Aqua finesse, but do not use oil/liquid based.

I am using AquaFinesse and the spa water is cloudy?

If you have not deep cleaned your spa with an Aquafinesse Spa Clean Puck prior to commencing with the AquaFinesse treatment, it is possible that you may experience some cloudy water during the first few weeks.

This cloudiness is not generally a problem but simply a sign that AquaFinesse's formula is doing its job and deep cleaning the pipe work and surface areas. This cleaning or conditioning process should not take very long (a few weeks maximum)for newer spas with no significant Biofilm build-up, the conditioning process may take only a few days.

We also recommend using a non-chlorine shock on a weekly basis (on a different day to when you add the Aquafinesse) or after periods of heavy bather load.

Aquafinesse Spa Clean Puck - Use just before you begin to use Aquafinesse. Also good as a occasional cleaner.
Fi-Clor Spa Non-Chlorine Shock - Using this weekly or after a heavy bather load as a shock dose along side Aquafinesse will help keep the water crystal clear.

I use Aquafinesse. Is it safe to drain the water onto the garden?

Yes, AquaFinesse is environmentally friendly so it will not damage your garden, plants etc.

I want to convert to Aquafinessse. Can I use AquaFinesse in a spa that already has chlorine or bromine in it?

If the spa has just been filled with water and ‘shocked’ then you can switch to AquaFinesse. For a spa that has had Chlorine or Bromine in it for a week or more we recommend that you firstly drain the spa and refill with fresh water before using AquaFinesse.

Which sanitiser is best to use with AquaFinesse? Can I Use Bromine with Aquafinesse?

AquaFinesse is normally supplied with a chlorine tablet and a slow release dispenser, however this can be substituted for chlorine granules or bromine tablets or granules dependant on personal preference and the spa manufactures recommendations.

Aquafinesse comes with chlorine tablets but we can substitute them for your desired sanitiser. You will however have to pay extra for your desired sanitiser.

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