Hozelock Bioforce Revolution 9000 + Aquaforce Kit

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Hozelock Bioforce Filter Kits - Combine Bioforce and Aquaforce Systems

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These are Bioforce Kits which is the combination of the a Bioforce pressurised filter with UVC and Aquaforce pump. This combination is the perfect solution for filtration, waterfalls and watercourses.

Available in 3 different sizes:

Bioforce Filter Kit 6000 - suitable for ponds up to 12000L (without fish), contains Bioforce revolution 6000 and Aquaforce 4000
Bioforce Filter Kit 9000 - suitable for ponds up to 18000L (without fish), contains Bioforce revolution 9000 and Aquaforce 6000
Bioforce Filter Kit 14000 - suitable for ponds up to 28000L (without fish), contains Bioforce revolution 14000 and Aquaforce 8000


Bioforce Revolution Filters

The Bioforce revolution filters feature a patented easy no fuss clean system and use a 3 step filter process to provide clearer and healthier water. Its powerful UVC removes green algae water, it is then passed through to be mechanically filtered with the CypriCube foams. These foams do not clog like traditional foam filter media. Biological filtration then takes place with the Kaldnes K3 biological media which has a large surface area encouraging beneficial bacteria to colonise to eliminate impurities in the water. The healthy and clear water can be pumped back into the pond or up to a higher exit point to create a serene waterfall feature.

The Bioforce revolution filters are very easy to install as they are pre-assembled. They are ideal for both new ponds or an existing filtration system. It can also be hidden at the side of the pond or buried in the ground up to the hose inlets.


Aquaforce Pumps

The Hozelock Aquaforce filter/waterfall pumps have been designed to be durable, long lasting and highly efficient. They have ceramic bearings and thrust washers which extends pump life and ensures the motors are very reliable.

They feature a water cooling system keeping the pump at a constant temperature to avoid the risk of overheating. It also has a removable fish protection system allowing you to reduce the inlet from 6mm/10mm to 2mm to prevent fish getting into the cage. A conical impeller maximises pump performance and its carry handle is ideal for easy lifting in and out of the pond.

Aquaforce pumps work by drawing water from the pond, through the cage grill to filter out coarse solids up to 6mm/10mm in size depending on the model. When using the supplied clip-in fine mesh filter tray, which also doubles as a fish protector, smaller particles down to 2mm in size can be removed from the water. As the Aquaforce pumps have an increased cage surface area, this allows for the maximum amount of waste water to be collected and pumped to the filtration system. It also means maintenance of the pump is reduced as it is less likely to clog up.

The larger Aquaforce models, 6000 and 8000 come with a second inlet and adjustable flow control for waterfalls or filters. The second inlet can be used to attach a skimmer or satellite filter.

  • Clearwater guarantee
  • No fuss cleaning for the Bioforce Revolution
  • 3 step filter process
  • Built in UVC removes green algae water
  • Pre-assembled filter for quick and easy installation
  • Mechanical and Biological filtration
  • Fish protection system on the pump
  • Large cage surface area on pump reduces clogging
  • Built with durable long lasting material
  • Pump has self cool system
  • Ceramic bearings on pump
  • Conical Impeller on pump
  • Carry Handle on pump
  • Cage clips on pump for easy tool free access
  • Easy installation and maintenance of Aquaforce
  • Improved wattage, lower running costs

Spare parts for the Bioforce Revolution can be found here:

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pdf BioForce Instructions 6000/9000/14000 pdf 4.3 MB Download
pdf Aquaforce Instructions pdf 1.6 MB Download
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