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Aquafinesse Water Care Kit For Swim Spas

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Aquafinesse Water Care Kit For Swim Spas

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The maintenance of swim Spa water can be complicated and difficult. Trying to Balance PH, alkalinity and chlorine content is a daunting task for most private swimming spa owners.

This pack contains enough Pucks for an 8,000 - 12,000 litre swim spa for 6 months.

Cloudy, unpleasant smelling water, deposits of dirt and grime are all common place and widely experienced.

Technical problems which arise due to lime scale build up on your swim spa equipment such as the heating element can be costly and time consuming. Complex measurements and the use of many different chemical agents are normally needed to combat these problems. Good quality maintenance of a swim spa requires time, money and knowledge.

The Aquafinesse puck has been tested by Some of Europe's most prestigious testing laborites KEMA and Labo Derva.


  • x 1 Aquafinesse Disposable Glove
  • x 2 Aquafinesse Slow Release Dispenser Sanitizing Tablets
  • x 1 Aquafinesse Floating Dispenser
  • x 1 Aquafinesse Swim Spa Tablets
  • x 1 Instruction Booklet
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