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Arctic Spas Adjust Down

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Arctic Spas Adjust Down 1.5kg

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Adjust Down is used for reducing the PH of spa and pool water.This product should be added to your pool water if your test kit result indicates the PH is high (above 7.6)

Lowers the pH and helps prevent the formation of calcium scale. 1.5kg

Additional Info

  • Test the PH of your water daily.The PH should be 7.2 and 7.6
  • If your test kit reading indicates that the PH is higher than 7.6 add adjust down at a rate of 25 gm per 1000ltr of water. (E.G if your spa or pool contains 7,000ltr of water add 175gm of adjust down)
  • One heaped teaspoon holds approximately 9gm.
  • Pre - dissolve in a clean plastic bucket filled with pool water.
  • Ensure that the circulation system is running when adding adjust down.
  • Slowly pour solution into pool water immediately above return inlet.
  • Test PH daily and repeat dose until test reading indicates PH has been reduced to 7.4
  • Never add product when the spa or pool is being used,do not allow spa or pool to be used for 30 minutes after adjust down.
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