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Blue Horizons Waterline Cleaning Paste - 350g

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Blue Horizons Waterline Cleaning Paste - 350g

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A highly effective cleaning paste presented in a pot with sponge applicator. Use to remove grease and dirt that can form tide marks around the waterline. This convenient cleaning paste can be used on concrete, tiled, fiberglass and vinyl liner pool surfaces.


  1. Lower the pool level to expose the area to be cleaned.
  2. Use protective gloves and apply waterline cleaning paste using a suitable soft cleaning sponge (as provided) or brush or cloth. Wet the applicator before using the paste.
  3. Apply to the area to be cleaned and wait for at least 2 minutes (this compound adheres to wall surfaces), then gently rub to clean.
  4. Wash down cleaned surface area after use with water.

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If you would like a tub scrubber and a cleaning paste for the waters edge we do a nice package here

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