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Certikin Pool Liner - Standard Set Repair Putty

Sku: 35972

125g Repair Putty (6hr setting)

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Standard set repair putty

  • Pratley Standard Set Putty is an exceptionally high strength, hand mouldable, putty-like adhesive.
  • Mixing equal proportions of the resin and hardener supplied in the form of sticks yields a versatile.
  • Supplied in box total weight 125g. Ideal for filling cracks in concrete and marbelite swimming pools.
  • Also suitable for sealing around skimmers, inlet fittings and drains.
  • This product is better suited for repairs when the substrate is dry.
  • 6 hours setting
  • Very high strength can be shaped and moulded Adheres to most rigid materials Once set can be sawn, filed, machined, sanded.
  • Accepts paint, it will set underwater (Standard Pratley Putty is, however, better for underwater applications).
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