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Darlly Filter Cartridge Cleaner (SC796)

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Darlly Filter Cartridge Cleaner (SC796)

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Darlly Filter Cartridge Cleaner - 1 Litre. This bottle of Darlly Filter Cleaner will clean your filter twice in 6 months.


1. Remove the filter, we recommend cleaning the filter first with the Darlly Cyclone Filter Cleaner attached to your garden hose.

2. Place the filter cartridge in a bucket

3. Shake the bottle well and empty 500ml (half the bottle) into the bucket.

4. Cover with warm water and mix well.

5. Leave filter soaking overnight for deep In-To-Out cleanse.

6. Wash thoroughly with a hose.

7. Remove and leave to dry for 24 hours to regain strength.

8. We recommend that you use 2 filters on a rotational basis.

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