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Darlly SaniStream Filter Dispenser

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Darlly SaniStream Filter Dispenser

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SaniStream Direct Line Filtration System

In accordance with Health and Safety Guidelines (HSG282) a domestic Hot Tub used in the holiday industry in homes, parks, lodges, etc should be disinfected using Bromine or Chlorine through the use of an inline continuous disinfection feeder.

The Darlly SaniStream dispenser takes the hassle out of chemical dosing to spas on a regular basis.

The simple design means chlorine or bromine tablets can be inserted and the dispenser to be either locked to the underside of a removable filter handle or slotted internally into the filter hole on compatible SaniStream Filters.

Setting can be adjusted accordingly by twisting the outer casing of the SaniStream dispenser to reveal more or less outlet holes.

The SaniStream dispenser is re-usable.

We would recommend using Rock Water Air Chlorine Tablets or Bromine Tablets with this SaniStream compatible filter.


Conforms with HSG282
Simple to use
Simple to fit
Adjustable Chlorine/Bromine Output


Length: 129mm
Diameter: 40mm
Internal Diameter: 34mm

Please note: Although the dispenser is designed to be used with either Chlorine and Bromine tablets, you may find Chlorine tablets to dissolve at a much quicker rate. To try to avoid this happening ensure your filtration cycle is reduced to no more than 4 hours per 24 hours.

Also, some further information to bear in mind is Chlorine is acidic and lowers the Ph value of the water. When the pH value of the water gets low it has a multiplying effect on the acidity and can have a melting effect on the Polyurethane plastic in the top and base of the filter. Therefore it is important you balance all your chemicals correctly and test levels regularly.

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