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DryOx Deep Clean Biofilm Eliminator

Sku: 18381

For Hot Tubs and Swimming Pools

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For Swimming Pools Only

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Safe, clean and save money
DryOx will help eliminate biofilm and thereby reduce chlorine or chemical demand. Water quality and air quality just above the surface of the water will improve. Any system with splashing water or an air sparge will produce an aerosol. The aerosol behaves like smoke and can travel through the entire house or building. Each droplet may contain pathogenic bacteria such as Legionella. This is one of the main reasons for sick building syndrome, and disease transmission from pools and spas, DryOx can solve this problem.


  • Removes biofilm and pathogens in hard to reach places like filters, balance tanks and pipe work in pools and spas
  • Reduces chlorine consumption, combined chlorine and chlorine smell
  • Is easy to use and very economical


8 sachets

Can Be Used With

  • Liner and Concrete pools.
  • Acrylic Hot Tubs

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