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@Ease Test Strips

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@Ease Test Strips

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The technology in FROG @ease works differently than standard chlorine for hot tubs. These strips are to be used with Spa Frog @Ease Floating Sanitizing System.

Normal test strips show a total and free chlorine reading, @ease shows a SmartChlor Out indicator. If the test strip colour for is lighter than the colour on the bottle label, then it is time to change your SmartChlor cartridge. If it is darker,the everything is working correctly.

You no longer have to worry about shocking the water when the total chlorine reading doesn’t match the free chlorine reading. The self-regulating properties of SmartChlor are basically doing the shocking for you. The result is a consistent low free chlorine level always ready to keep your hot tub clean and clear.


SmartChlor Technology is sensitive to fluctuations in water balance. Therefore it is very important to use FROG @ease Test Strips to maintain your Total Alkalinity and pH as well.

Always look at your Total Alkalinity reading first and add the necessary adjustment product if it is out of the 80-120 required range. Wait until the Total Alkalinity is in range before adjusting the pH. The ideal range for pH is 7.2-7.8 which we have marked on back of the FROG @ease Test Strip bottle.

Lastly, on the test strip bottle is calcium hardness. Calcium Hardness is important to maintain your hot tub surfaces and equipment, if they are not maintained then you can have issues. That should always stay between 150-250 ppm.

One of the great things about FROG @ease is it is so very easy! Even the test strips are easier to use than standard hot tub test strips. In addition a 30 count bottle comes with every FROG @ease System so you should never have to purchase these separately, but we know our customers well and therefore we sell them just in case.

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