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Fi-Clor Spa Alkalinity Increaser

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Fi-Clor Spa Alkalinity Increaser

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Fi-Clor Spa Alkalinity Increaser should be used to raise the total alkalinity level in spa water. Alkalinity is a measure of the total amount of alkali in spa water. If the alkalinity is too low, most chemicals added to the spa will directly affect the water balance leading to rapid fluctuations in pH readings. Alkalinity at the correct level will help protect, or "buffer" the pH.


  1. Take an alkalinity reading using your test kit or test strips. You will need to raise the total alkalinity if the reading is below 80mg/l (ppm)
  2. The Dose rate is 30g of Fi-Clor Spa Alkalinity Increaser per 1,000 litres of spa water. Each dose will raise the alkalinity by approx 10 - 20 mg/l (ppm).
  3. With the circulation running, dose directly in several areas around the spa, avoiding the skimmer. only dose when bathing has ceased.
  4. Re-test after 24 hours. If total alkalinity is still low, repeat the dose.
  5. Maintain alkalinity between 80 - 160 mg/l (ppm).
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