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Fi-Clor Spa Anti-Scale

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Fi-Clor Spa Anti-Scale

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Fi-Clor Spa Anti-Scale has been formulated to help prevent the formation of scale on spa surfaces in hard water and facilitate cleaning of vulnerable areas. It is compatible with all types of filter (sand or cartridge) and contains no phosphate. 1 litre.


  1. Fi-Clor Spa Anti-Scale can be dosed directly into the spa but should be used only onced bathing has ceased or a couple of hours before bathing.
  2. The dose rate is 50ml of Anti-Scale to 1,000 litres of spa water. Dose into an area of the spa where there is good water movement and keep the circulation running.
  3. Bathing may resume after 10 minutes with the circulation on.
  4. Repeat the dose every time fresh water is introduced into the spa.
  5. The dose rate can be doubled where the mains top up water is particularly scale forming.
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