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Fi-Clor Spa Bromine Tablets

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Fi-Clor Spa Bromine Tablets (1Kg) 14 FISB1/6 1Kg £27.28 73 in stock
Fi-Clor Spa Bromine Tablets (500g) 15 FISB/12 500g £14.93 11 in stock
Fi-Clor Spa Bromine Tablets with Test Strips 43123 43123 Fi-Clor Spa Bromine Tablets with Test Strips £32.38 73 in stock

Fi-Clor Spa Bromine Tablets are formulated to disinfect spa water by killing potentially harmful bacteria and other organisms, creating a comfortable bathing environment.


  • On Start Up: For new spas being filled for the first time, shock dose with Fi-Clor Superchlorinator to kill any harmfull organsims that might be present in water left in the pipework from factory testing.
  • For Ongoing Sanitisation: only use these tablets in a circulatory feeder or floating dispenser designed for bromine tablets. Never mix bromine tablets with any other chemical.
  • Refill the feeder or dispenser as required following the manufacturers guidelines.
  • Test the water at regular intervals.
  • Maintain bromine levels between 4 - 6 mg/l (ppm) at all times.
  • Use the controls on the feeder or dispensor to raise or lower the bromine as necessary.
  • Maintain the pH between 7.2 - 7.6.
  • Shock dose regularly with Fi-Clor Non-Chlorine Shock to remove organic pollutants and regenerate spent bromine.
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