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Fi-Clor Spa Chlorine Granules 1.2Kg

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Fi-Clor Spa Chlorine Granules 1.2Kg

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Fi-clor Spa Rapid dissolving granules contain 55% available chlorine and are formulated to disinfect spa water by killing potentially harmful bacteria and other organisms. the chlorine is stabilised to minimise wasteful loss of sanitiser due to sunlight and the product has little effect on the pH of the spa water. 1.2kg.


  1. On Start Up: For new spas being filled for the first time, shock dose with Fi-Clor Superchlorinator to kill any harmfull organsims that might be present in water left in the pipework from factory testing.
  2. For Ongoing Sanitisation: Test the water at regular intervals using test strips or test tablets.
  3. Do not allow the free chlorine level to fall below 3.0mg/l (ppm).
  4. To raise the free chlorine by 1 mg/l (ppm), add 2g granules per 1,000 litres (220 galls) of spa water.
  5. Pre-measure the dose and sprinkle directlyinto circulating water when the spa is not being used. If the water is cold you may need to pre mix it in a bucket of clean warm water.
  6. Maintain the pH between 7.2 and 7.6.
  7. Shock dose regularly with Fi-Clor Spa Non-Chlorine Shock to remove organic pollutants.
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