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Fi-Clor Spa Non-Chlorine Shock

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Fi-Clor Spa Non-Chlorine Shock (1.2kg)

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Fi-Clor Non-Chlorine Shock is an ideal shock treatment for spas operating on chlorine or bromine. It dissolves rapidly to break down unpleasent pollutants in the water that can lead to bather discomfort and should be used at the first sign of cloudy or green water. it will restore the effectivness of chlorine and bromine. 1.2kg


  1. Dose Fi-Clor Spa Non-Chlorine Shock directly into the spa. It should be used only when bathing has ceased.
  2. The dose rate is 15g of non-chlorine shock to 1,000 litres of spa water.
  3. Dose into the spa where there is good circulation and keep the pumps running.
  4. Use once a fortnight as a matter of routine, or as necessary if sanitiser levels are very low.
  5. If the spa water is cloudy or looks green, increase the dose rate to 20g of non chlorine shock to 1,000 litres of spa water.
  6. Bathing may resume once the sanitiser reading returns to a normal level.
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