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Fi-Clor Spa Pipework Cleaner

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Fi-Clor Spa Pipework Cleaner

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Fi-Clor Spa Pipework Cleaner is specially formulated to clean out the waste that has accumulated in the internal pipework and equipment of spas and hot tubs, which if not removed can act as a breeding site for bacteria.

A 1 litre bottle is sufficient for 4 treatments - making it an economical choice!

The entire contents of a 1 litre bottle may be used to treat a Swim Spa.


Do not mix with other products. Do not dissolve before use

  1. Remove the filter cartridge and erosion feeder (if fitted) before adding the Fi-Clor Spa Pipework Cleaner to the spa.
  2. Ensure the water is at the normal operating level (at least 50mm above the jets).
  3. Turn on all pumps and boosters, and add 250ml of Fi-Clor Spa Pipework Cleaner into the main skimmer/filter housing.
  4. Fully open all circulation valves and run pumps for a minimum of 15 minutes. Also run blowers for a short period.
  5. Turn off all pumps and allow water to stand for 15 minutes.
  6. Turn on all pumps and boosters for a further 15 minutes (some foaming may be experienced during this period).
  7. Drain the spa/hot tub. Flush the jets and rinse the shell using a hose pipe. Stubborn deposits may require the use of Fi-Clor Spa Surface Cleaner.
  8. Refill the spa/hot tub and commission in the normal manner.
  9. Refit the filter cartridge after cleaning with Fi-Clor Spa Cartridge Cleaner. Clean and refit the erosion feeder (if fitted).
  10. Sanitise your spa/hot tub to the recommended level with one of the sanitising products from the Fi-Clor Spa range, prior to re-using.
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