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Fi-Clor Spa Surface Cleaner

Sku: 7637

1 Litre

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Fi-clor Spa Surface Cleaner makes it easy to clean unsightly deposits of dirt, sun-cream and grease along the waterline which if untreated can become a breeding site for bacteria. Supplied as a gel it adheres better to vertical surfaces, making them easier to clean. it contains no phosphate and is compatible with all types of spa surface.


  • Wet the spa surfaces to be cleaned. For the waterline area, splash a little spa water onto the dry sides.
  • Wipe the undiluted Fi-Clor® Spa Surface Cleaner onto the affected areas using a natural sponge or soft brush, rubbing old and stubborn deposits where necessary.
  • Leave the Surface Cleaner to act for a minimum of 10 minutes.
  • Rinse the sponge or brush in fresh water.
  • Rinse the treated surfaces with plenty of spa water. The dissolved product is compatible with spa water and does not react with spa sanitisers. It may lower the pH slightly due to its acidic nature.
  • Bathing may resume after 10 minutes with the circulation on.
  • For stubborn deposits, repeat the procedure.
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