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Fi-Clor Spa Water Clarifier

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Fi-Clor Spa Water Clarifier (1Ltr)

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Fi-Clor Spa Water Clarifier should be added to lacklustre water to restore water quality. it coagulates fine particles suspended in the water until they are large enough to be trapped in the filter. It is equally effective in spas disinfected with chlorine or bromine. Restores clarity to lacklustre water and helps prevent algae, scale and staining.


  1. Fi-Clor Spa water Clarifier can be dosed directly into the spa but should be used only when bathing has ceased.
  2. Remedial Treatment: To treat water that is already cloudy, the dose rate is 65ml of water clarifier to 1,000 litres of spa water.
  3. Preventitive Treatment: To help preventcloudy water, dose at a rate of 20ml of water clarifier to 1,000 litres of spa water once evry week.
  4. Dose into the spa and keep the circulation running.
  5. Bathing may resume after 10 minutes with circulation on.
  6. Remove filter cartridge and clean it with Fi-Clor Spa Cartridge Cleaner if circulation seems to be impaired.
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