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RWA Filter Cartridge Cleaner

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RWA Filter Cartridge Cleaner 1 Litre 32800 SPACRT001RWA 1 litre £9.25 More stock due 21st January
RWA Filter Cartridge Cleaner 5 Litre 32831 RWA32831 5 litre £33.61 11 in stock
RWA Filter Cartridge Cleaner 1 Litre x 3 34723 RWA34723 - bulk buy Filter Cartridge Cleaner 1 Litre x 3 £26.36 More stock due 21st January

A liquid cleaner that is highly effective for a traditional cartridge filter. it is applied directly to the filter cleaning container and left to soak for a minimum of 8 hours. The filter is then removed and rinsed off with fresh water.


  1. Remove cartridge from spa and hose off any loose debris.
  2. Fill a clean plastic bucket, large enough to completely immerse the cartridge, with clean water.
  3. Add 1 litre of Cartridge Cleaner for every 20 litres of water in the bucket.
  4. Carefully immerse the cartridge in the solution and allow to soak overnight or for at least 8 hours.
  5. Remove cartridge from the solution and rinse thoroughly with fresh water.
  6. For best results, allow the cartridge to dry before returning to the spa.
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