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Filter Cleaner Pack

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Filter Cleaner Pack

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  • Aquafinesse Filter Cleaning Tabs
  • Life Spa Water Wand Filter Comb

Life Spa Water Wand Filter Comb

The world's first all-in-one hand held filter cartridge cleaner. Connected to your garden hose (connector supplied), eight fan nozzles flush out the cartridge pleats and a soft rubber comb removes hair and other unwanted debris. The wand also includes a thumb control to regulate water flow.


Reduces filter cleaning time by more than 50%
Simply attach to your garden hose and flick the switch.
Substantially decreases water-wastage
Cleans 8 Pleats at a time in one simple action.
8 fan nozzles each spray a wide, high-pressure radius to flush and clean both sides of all 8 pleats in one single downward stroke.
Suitable for use on pool or spa cartridge filters.
For most effective results, first soak the cartridge to de-grease.

Aquafinesse Filter Cleaning Tablets

Aquafinesse 1 hour filter cleaning tablets.Quick, effective and easy to use. The pack contains 20 tablets, these are suitable for cleaning filters which have been used with any other water treatment including chlorine and bromine.


Place 2 tablets into a bucket of clean warm water submerge the filter or filters,
leave for one hour, just watch the fizz do the work.
Rinse the filters well before refitting them into your hot tub or spa.

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