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Hot Tub Cleaning Tool Kit

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Hot Tub Cleaning Tool Kit

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This little bundle of cleaning help sells well for us, it is a comprehensive Hot Tub / Filter Cleaning Tool Kit

Ideal For

People who require a few items to help them thoroughly clean their hot tub / spa

The Grit Gitter will help you keep your spa free from dirt, whilst the Scum Sponge will collect & absorb the oils and lotions, which will help you reduce the levels of foam.

This all helps to prolongs the filter life, but there is nothing better than using a Filter Wand which ensures the filter gets a good clean by getting into the filters pleats ensuring a deep through clean

The Tub Scrubber cleans and removes the waterline marks that are visible on your spa.


Grit Gitter : This effective Spa Vac allows you to easily clean up grit and sand without having to get out of the tub, nothing to hook up or plug in. The 9" long Grit Gitter floats in the tub and is always to hand allowing you to vacuum the filter compartment and tight corners.

Scumbug : - Floats in your hot tub to remove grease and oils from the water surface

Tub Scrubber : Easily cleans dirt and other debris from spa surfaces. May be used on acrylic or vinyl. Unique pad design cleans textured surfaces.

Filter Comb : The world's first all-in-one hand held filter cartridge cleaner. Connected to your garden hose (connector supplied), eight fan nozzles flush out the cartridge pleats and a soft rubber comb removes hair and other unwanted debris. The wand also includes a thumb control to regulate water flow.

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