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Hot Tub Water, Shell & Pipe clean kit

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Hot Tub Water, Shell & Pipe clean kit

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Pack Includes:

  • RockWaterAir Surface Cleaner 1 Litre
  • RockWaterAir Hot Tub Flush 500ml
  • RockWaterAir Spa Sparkle Water Clarifier 1 Litre


RockWaterAir Surface Cleaner is a highly effective liquid cleaner used to remove oils and greases around the spa waterline. It should also be used to clean the whole spa surface every time the spa is drained and re-filled.

Apply using a cloth or sponge to the surface to be cleaned and gently work into the surface to remove any staining. Compatible will all hot tub sanitisers.

RockWaterAir Hot Tub Flush

Hot Tub Flush removes soap & oil deposits from spa plumbing. Formulated to loosen and remove these deposits from within the plumbing prior to a drain down.

RockWaterAir Spa Sparkle Water Clarifier 1 Litre

Discolouration or cloudiness of spa water is often caused by minute particles suspended in the water, which are too small for the filtration system to remove. Soap, cosmetics, body oils and greases can also cause cloudy, dull water. A weekly dose of Spa Sparkle will assist in the removal of suspended matter via the filtration system, thus restoring and maintaining water clarity. 1 Litre.

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