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Hot Tub Waterline Help Pack

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Waterline Cleaning Pack

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This Hot Tub Waterline Help Pack is a nice little package to help you clean the scum / dirt line around your spa water edge, caused by the PH being unbalanced or due to excessive oils / soaps entering the spa system.

Pack Includes:

  • A Tub scrubber
  • Blue Horizons 350g of Waterline Cleaning Paste.

Blue Horizons Waterline Cleaning Paste
Highly effective cleaning paste presented in a pot with sponge applicator. Use to remove grease and dirt that can form tide marks around the waterline. This convenient cleaning paste can be used on concrete, tiled, fiberglass and vinyl liner pool surfaces.

Tub Scrubber
Easily cleans dirt and other debris from spa surfaces, its unique pad design cleans textured surfaces. It may be used on acrylic or vinyl.

Additional Information

The hot tub does not need to be emptied, please be aware though the waterline cleaning paste may unbalance / change water chemistry, so if this is a problem we recommend draining the spa

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