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Leakmaster Flexible Leak Repair Sealer

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Leakmaster Flexible Leak Repair Sealer (Blue) 3578 LVFS4B Blue £37.96 2 in stock
Leakmaster Flexible Leak Repair Sealer (White) 3600 LVFS4W White £37.96 1 in stock


  • Manufactured by leak repair specialists, Anderson, Leakmaster is a nitrile rubber based sealant which provides a strong adhesive bond to almost any surface around the pool - including liner vinyl.When applied to a surface, Leakmaster skins over in seconds, even underwater, and can then be flattened into place leaving a strong but flexible repair which can fully cure in minutes depending on the application.
  • Seals vinyl liner leaks without a patch
  • Seals between liner and face plates and fittings
  • Can be used as a thread sealant
  • Seaks small cracks in concrete and render
  • Can be applied underwater
  • Available in white and light blue
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