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Leakmaster Single Dye Leak Tester

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3579 LVDTY Flourescent Tester Syringe £18.10 Approx 5 working days
Leakmaster Single Dye Leak Tester (Blue Tester Syringe) 3595 LVDTB Blue Tester Syringe £16.00 1 in stock
3596 LVYD8 8oz Re-Fill - Flourescent £24.40 Approx 5 working days
3597 LVBD8 8oz Re-Fill - Blue £24.40 Approx 5 working days

These convenient syringe-style testers are charged with a special concentrated dye that holds together underwater. six-inch plastic "needle" allows for precise dye placement without creating unwanted currents.

Ideal For

  • Identify the precise location of structural pool leaks
  • Identify water movement into or out of pipes
  • Can be refilled with Leakmaster Dye (available in 8 oz bottles)
  • Available in blue (for light backgrounds) or fluorescent yellow (for dark backgrounds)
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