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Magic Lube

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Magic Lube (5 oz) 3211 631 Magic Lube (5 oz) £10.97 4 in stock
Magic Lube (1 oz) 17916 620 Magic Lube (1 oz) £5.65 15 in stock

Ideal For

Use Magic Lube on seals, o-rings, diverter valves, motors, bearings and other moving parts on hot tubs and spas.

It forms a durable adhesive film of lubricant that prevents metal to metal contact even under severe shock loads.

Magic Lube is a superior lubricant compatible for use with most Metals, Rubbers, and Plastics. 5oz.


Magic Lube is a Teflon based non-melting, non-toxic formula that is waterproof for use in both wet and dry environments. A wide temperature range, of 0 Degrees F to 425 Degrees F, makes Magic Lube ideal for use under the most adverse conditions.

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