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Plastica Liner Adhesives

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Plastica Liner Adhesives (Thixotropic Glue 5L) 13949 Thixotropic Glue 5L £103.81 Out of Stock - Lead time Approx 5 working days
Plastica Liner Adhesives (Filament Tape 50mm x 50m) 13950 Filament Tape 50mm x 50m £20.29 1 in stock

Suitable for felt and foam underlay.

The Thixotropic glue has a high strength bond and comes in a 5 litre tin. It has been designed with a non-drip, non-stringing formula and has a low odour. It is ideal for vertical and overhead surfaces and allows slight adjustment of small areas.

The 50mm x 50m Filament Tape Roll is extra heavy duty reinforced tape with two-directional fibreglass running across the tape. Provides extra strength and is tear resistant.

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