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RWA Surface Cleaner

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RWA Surface Cleaner 5Ltr 33668 RWA33668 5Ltr £32.00 25 in stock
RWA Surface Cleaner 1Ltr 34722 RWA34722 1Ltr £8.81 57 in stock

RWA Surface Cleaner is a highly effective liquid cleaner used to remove oils and greases around the spa waterline. It should also be used to clean the whole spa surface every time the spa is drained and re-filled.

Apply using a cloth or sponge to the surface to be cleaned and gently work into the surface to remove any staining. Compatible will all hot tub sanitisers.

  1. Always test a small area of the spa surface to ensure compatibility.
  2. Apply Pool and Spa Centre Spa Surface Cleaner using a cloth or sponge to the surface to be cleaned.
  3. Gently work Surface Cleaner on to the spa waterline to remove any staining.
  4. After cleaning area, rinse thoroughly using spa water
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