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RWA Spa Sparkle Water Clarifier

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RWA Spa Sparkle Water Clarifier 1 Litre 32807 RWA32807 1 Litre £9.25 23 in stock
RWA Spa Sparkle Water Clarifier 5 Litre 32834 RWA32834 5 Litre £33.61 15 in stock

Discolouration or cloudiness of spa water is often caused by minute particles suspended in the water, which are too small for the filtration system to remove. Soap, cosmetics, body oils and greases can also cause cloudy, dull water. A weekly dose of Spa Sparkle will assist in the removal of suspended matter via the filtration system, thus restoring and maintaining water clarity. 1 Litre.


  1. Apply this product directly to your spa water whilst the spa pump(s) are turned ‘on’ to aid distribution.
  2. Spas treated for murky water may require cartridges to be cleaned a week after treatment.
  3. When spas become saturated with dissolved solids (TDS) then Rock Water Air Spa Sparkle may become less effective. At this stage the spa water should be changed.

Further Info

Ad 50ml per 1000 litres of spa water for an initial dose then add 25ml per 10000l of spa water, weekly thereafter.

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