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Giardino Whirlpool Crystal

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Giardino Whirlpool Crystal (Whirlpool Crystal - 30 Tablets) 4799 Whirlpool Crystal - 30 Tablets £7.30 6 in stock
Giardino Whirlpool Crystal (Whirlpool Crystal - 200 Tablets) 4800 Whirlpool Crystal - 200 Tablets £21.67 47 in stock

Whirlpool Crystal - Sanitising Tablets

Using a special formulation containing chlorine, these tablets, used after bathing, will kill all the harmful germs and bacteria that may be left in your system. Leaves your whirlpool or spa bath sterile, odourless and completely fresh.


  • After bathing, ensure remaiining bath water is above all jets
  • Drop 1 tablet into the bath, allow to dissolve, then switch on the Whirlpool for 2 - 3 minutes whilst you dry.
  • Switch off the Whirlpool , drain and rinse as normal.
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