725 Plastic Pipe Cement

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725 Plastic Pipe Cement

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A very fast cure in wet or dry conditions. Allow only a few minutes before applying water pressure. Full joint strength will be reached within four hours.




3" for PVC pressure systems. 2" for ABS and PVC Spa systems.

Ensure all sections are dry and clean of debris.
Clean with IPS Weldon cleaner on both surfaces
Apply glue liberally to both faces, remember you can wipe away excess but not apply more after
As soon as glue is applied push the sections together
Wipe of excess and leave to dry
Typically the bond is achieved in 5 minutes
Water can be put back in after 40 minutes, but we recommend allowing 4 hours to cure, double that if temp is lower than 5 degrees or using flexible pipe.
Full strength after 24 hours.



If you apply glue to the female joint first, you can put it down whilst applying glue to the other pipe section. Includes daubing brush.


This product is dangerous, it is both an irritant and highly flammable so please take care when using.

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