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Aquafinesse™ Pool Puck Tablets are an environmentally friendly swimming experience and revolutionary cleaning all in one tablet.
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The maintenance of swimming pool water can be complicated and difficult. Trying to Balance pH, alkalinity and chlorine content is a daunting task for most private swimming pool owners.

Cloudy, unpleasant smelling water, deposits of dirt and grime are all common place and widely experienced.

Technical problems which arise due to lime scale build up on your pools equipment such as the heating element can be costly and time consuming. Complex measurements and the use of many different chemical agents are normally need to combat these problems. Good Quality maintenance of a swimming pool requires time, money and knowledge.

Water Treatment:

Not only scientists, but the European government itself has realised that the use of Chlorine to prevent bacterial growth and create a clean pool environment is not necessarily the best way forward. Due to the fact that Chlorine bleaches and oxidises many people suffer as a result from unpleasant side effects such as irritation of the eyes, skin and mucous membrane causing tightness of the chest and irritation of the bronchial tubes.

The patented Aquafinesse™ Pool Puck complete pack consists of:

  • 30 Aquafinesse Pool Pucks, enough for 3 months maintenance of an average simming pool (circa 40,000 litres).
  • Floating dispenser.
  • Filters should be maintained regularly following manufactures recommendations.
  • Ensure that the pool floor is regularly vacuum cleaned and the filters backwashed. (Clean filters are an essential element for water purity)
  • Always maintain the correct level of water in the pool, topping up if necessary with fresh water following a backwash.
  • Using the gloves provided, place a chlorine tablet (not supplied) in the skimmer basket. We recommend the Fi-Clor Maxi Tabs to be used with the Pool Puck.
  • Add an AquaFinesse Pool Puck tablet using the floating dispenser supplied. Each tablet is sufficient to treat 20,000 litres of water. For example if your pool holds 40,00 litres of water you would need 2 AquaFinesse Pool Puck tablets for one weeks treatment. Please use the calculation guide below to establish the water capacity of your swimming pool.
  • During the first week of treatment a double dose of AquaFinesse Pool Puck should be used. Half of which should be added to the skimmer basket and the other half in the floating dispenser ensuring dispensers shutters are fully open.
  • Use the normal recommended dose in the weeks that follow placing the AquaFinesse Pool Puck in the floating dispenser and allow it to float freely on the waters surface.
  • Regularly check to see if there is still a chlorine tablet in the skimmers basket. If the chlorine tablet has dissolved, replace immediately with a new one. AquaFinesse Pool Puck do not contain any anti-algae agents, but unormal circumstances the chlorine table is sufficient to keep the pool algae free.
  • Calculation guide: If a pool is 7 metres long, 3.5 metres wide and on average 1.5 metres deep, the capacity is then: 7 x 3.5 x 1.5 = 36.75 m/sq = 36,750 litres. Rounded up, 40,000 litres.

Example of use in a 40,000 litre pool:

  Aquafinesse Pool Puck Chlorine tablet 200 grams
Week 1 2 tablets in the skimmer basket and 2 tablets in the floating dispenser, evenly timed over the week (on Monday and Thursday for example). 1 chlorine tablet in the skimmer. Regularly check and add a new tablet for first and subsequent weeks.
Week 2 and 3 and onwards 2 tablets in the floating dispenser, evenly timed over the week.  
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