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This new device is a great help for maintaining pool water.
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As the name suggests, this new device is a great help for maintaining pool water. Pool Relax does all the pH measurement and regulation, disinfects the water and ensures that the correct dosage of care product is introduced into the pool. Once installed, the customer hardly has to do anything at all. With this device, BAYROL is giving its customers what they have been asking for. A large display, easy 6-key navigation and a logical software structure guarantee easy and intuitive operation. Its high technological standard and proven quality ensures problem-free operation. Because of its particularly compact design, Pool Relax can even be installed in the most inconvenient spaces.

Pool Relax is available for oxygen, chlorine and bromine maintenance systems. Even if you haven’t used the right water maintenance method from the start – don’t worry. You can convert your Pool Relax from one care method to another using the optionally available conversion sets.

All the different Pool Relax versions can also be fitted with the optional Flockmatic pump. By dosing a flocculation agent using this pump you will make your pool water even more brilliant and crystal clear.

Pool Relax can also be fitted with BAYROL’s PoolConnect, an optional extra. PoolConnect is the mobile module that enables communication between Pool Relax and your mobile phone. If any action has to be taken with regard to the pool maintenance system, PoolConnect calls you automatically, and also provides information about the water quality on request.


  • The Event Log displays date and time, and saves all important occurrences, thus helping in containing any problems.
  • Energy-saving with Power Down. The display lighting switches off after 15 minutes thereby massively reducing the system’s power consumption.
  • 8 different menu languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Greek and Russian.

Pool Relax Oxygen
with BayroSoft
Pool Relax Oxygen uses the effective active oxygen method in conjunction with precise pH control to ensure especially gentle pool water. This care programme will cause neither sore eyes or skin irritation, nor is there any smell of chlorine. The dose of active oxygen is temperature-compensated and assures safe disinfection even under difficult conditions.

Pool Relax Chlorine
with ChloriLiquide
The Pool Relax for classic chlorine-based water treatment. To ensure a proper, safe disinfection it measures both the Redox and the pH. Pool Relax ensures that only the amount of maintenance product is added to the pool water that is really necessary. The result is perfect pool water and economic use of the water care product.

Pool Relax Bromine
with Aquabrome®
This works similarly to the chlorine method, but without the smell of chlorine. The Aquabrome® tablets are dissolved in a dosing station from where only the required amount is added to the pool water. Pool Relax Bromine measures the pH and automatically keeps it at the optimum level.


We would only ever recommend this dosing unit to be installed by a fully qualified professional swimming pool technician. Failure to do so could result in any warranty being void.

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