Bowman Titanium Heat Exchanger

The Bowman titanium heat exchangers.
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Bowman Titanium Heat Exchanger 25kw Bowman Titanium Heat Exchanger 25kw 22803 EC080-5113-1T
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Bowman Titanium Heat Exchanger 50kw Bowman Titanium Heat Exchanger 50kw 2984 EC100-5113-2T
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Bowman Titanium Heat Exchanger 80kw Bowman Titanium Heat Exchanger 80kw 2985 EC120-5113-3T
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Bowman Titanium Heat Exchanger 110kw Bowman Titanium Heat Exchanger 110kw 2986 FC100-5114-2T
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More efficient – Incorporating more heat transfer tubes than many of our competitors’ heat exchangers, Bowman units will heat your pool more quickly, dramatically reducing your fuel costs.

Easy to maintain – Special feature enables the end covers and tube stack to be removed for cleaning purposes.

Corrosion-resistant materials – Units are available in titanium, cupro nickel and stainless steel making them suitable for all types of pool set-up

Easy to install – 5113 and 5114 units come complete with imperial and metric solvent weld adaptors allowing for easy installation into pool pipework.

Bowman Titanium Heat Exchangers

  • Transfer up to 1050 kW to your pool quick making more efficient use of the energy, therefore saving money.
  • Integral 7mm thermostat pockets (on most models) for easier installation.
  • Removable tube stack makes the units easy to service.
  • Composite end covers with solvent weld connections fit directly into the pool pipework on 5113 and 5114 series heat exchangers.
  • Units are also ideal for cooling pools in warmer climates via a chiller system.
Model Kilowatts BTU Outdoor Pool Size Indoor Pool Size
EC080-5113-1T 25kw 85,000 38,000 Litres 51,000 Litres
EC100-5113-2T 50kw 170,000 77,000 Litres 103,000 Litres
EC100-5113-3T 80kw 270,000 123,000 Litres 164,000 Litres
FC120-5133-2T 110kw 375,000 170,000 Litres 227,000 Litres

Honeywell Thermostat for Pools and Spas
Digital Thermostat for Heat Exchangers

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pdf Bowmans Brochure & Dimensions pdf 3.1 MB Download
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