L-7 RGB Master Light (fully epoxy encased)

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7 LED master light for the Evolution Series 4 Wire system

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Rising Dragon 7 LED Master Light for the Evolution Series 4 wire system, with fully epoxy encased, it connects to a 12V AC source with its 2-pin male AMP plug, such as for Balboa control systems.

Click to see an overview of the Rising Dragon Evolution System to assist you in understanding its layout.

Its 7 LEDs and integrated controller allow you to obtain differing colour effects: slow / fast color sequencing, intensity variations and a cool strobe effect.

Its round connector allows you to link, by adding this connector, a slave bulb or a double POLfor eg.

In addition, with a connector and the addition of a splitter, chain three slave bulbs or POL's together.

Diameter: 54 mm
Thickness: 33 mm

Item Number Model Bulb Quantity Colour Voltage Power (without POL) Max Capability (POL) Input/Output Connector Notes
L7MFC-00ATL L7MFC 7 RGB AC 12V 1.4W 30 Four wire waterproof connector Turn the power on/off to switch modes

Voltage : 12V AC
Max. power : 2W
Max. load : 7.5W

With controller Balboa Systems

This bulb is not for use with the Pinnacle series, which has a 2-PIN round connector.


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