Plastica Pool Gom

Miracle water line cleaner, made from plastic foam. Cleans liners, skimmers, plastic furnature - works like magic (always test a small area first)
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The Plastica Pool Gom is a miracle waterline cleaner made from patented plastic foam and works just like an eraser.

It is Perfect Solution to cleaning the water-line and all the plastic parts present inside and around pools and spas. It can clean liners & skimmers, plastic furniture, tiles & pool stairs, covers, blinds and shutters.

The extra large Pool Gom connects to a telescopic pole to effectively clean the walls, floors and waterline.

  • Economic - Without using chemical products, Pool Gom enables you to eliminate stubborn marks with a simple scrub.
  • Efficient - Easy and efficient cleaning, perfect for those inaccessible nooks and crannies.
  • Practical - Comes in boxes for easy stocking.

Pool’Gom® is made of a special patented plastic foam. Just moisten a corner of a Pool’Gom®, it will become hard on a small thickness. You will use this hardened surface like a rubber on the surface to be cleaned.

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